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جدول استاندارد انواع ورق Steel Plates and Sheets چاپ ارسال به دوست

Standard No.


Standard No.


JIS G 3131

Hot-rolled mild steel plate, sheet and strip

ASTM A 569/
A 569 M-91

Spec. for steel carbon (0.15 maximum percent) hot-rolled sheet and strip, commercial quality



ASTM A 621/
A 621 M-91

Spec. for steel sheet and strip, carbon, hot-rolled, drawing quality



ASTM A 622/
A 622 M-91

Spec. for steel sheet and strip, carbon, hot-rolled, drawing quality, special killed



BS 1449/1

Carbon and carbon-manganese plate, sheet and strip



            SEC 1.2:91

Spec. for hot rolled steel plate, sheet and wide strip based on formability




Spec. for hot rolled wide material based on specified minimum strength




Spec. for hot rolled narrow strip based on formability




Spec. for hot rolled narrow strip based on specified minimum strength




Spec. for hot-rolled narrow strip supplied in a range of conditions for heat treatment and general engineering purpose



BS EN 10051:92

Continuously hot-rolled uncoated plate, sheet and strip of non-alloy and alloy steels



DIN 1614/1-86

Flat products of steel; Hot-rolled strip and sheet of mild unalloyed steels; quality specifications



DIN 1016-87

Hot rolled strip and sheet



DIN EN 10051 : 92

Continuously hot-rollet uncoated plate, sheet and strip of non-alloy and alloy steels



NF A 36-102-87

Hot rolled non alloyed mild steel strip for processing



NF A 36-301-92

Continuous hot rolled strips. Plates and coils



NF EN 10051 : 92

Continuously hot-rolled uncoated plate, sheet and strip of non-alloy and alloy steels



ISO 3573-86

Hot-rolled carbon steel sheet of commercial and drawing qualities



ISO 6317-82

Hot-rolled carbon steel strip of commercial and drawing qualities

JIS G 3141

Cold rolled carbon steel sheets and strip

ASTM A109-91

Spec. for cold-rolled carbon steel strip




Spec. for cold-rolled carbon steel strip (Metric series)



ASTM A366/ A366

Spec. for steel, Carbon, cold-rolled sheet, commercial quality



ASTM A619/
A619 M-91

Carbon steel sheet, cold-rolled, drawing quality



ASTM A 620/
A 620 M-91

Carbon steel sheet, cold-rlled, drawing quality, special killed



BS 1449/1

Carbon and Carbon-manganese plate, sheet and strip



   SEC1.3 :91

Spec. for cold rolled steel plate, sheet and wide strip for vitreous enameling based on formability.



          1.5: 91    

Spec. for cold rolled wide material based on specified minimum strength



          1.9: 91

Spec. for cold rolled narrow strip based on formability




Spec. for cold rolled narrow strip based on specified minimum strength




Spec. for cold rolled narrow strip supplied in a range of conditions for heat treatment and general engineering purposes



BS EN 10130:91

Spec. for cold rolled low carbon steel flat products for cold forming



BS EN 10130:92

Cold-rolled uncoated low carbon and high yield strength flat products for cold forming



DIN 1627-87

Cold-rolled strip of soft unalloyed steels; quality specifications, in width not exceeding 650 mm



DIN EN 10130-91

Spec. for cold rolled low carbon steel flat products for cold forming



DIN EN 10131:92

Cold-rolled uncoated low carbon and high yield strength steel flat products for cold forming

JIS G3141


DIN 1623/2-86

Cold reduced sheet and strip: general purpose structural steels



DIN 1541-75

Flat products of steel; cold-rolled wide mill strip and sheet of unalloyed steels; dimensions, tolerances on dimensions and form



DIN 1544-75

Cold rolled steel strip: Dimensions, permissible variations on Dimensions and form



NF EN 10130-91

Spec. for cold rolled low carbon steel flat products for cold forming



NF EN 10131-92

Cold-rolled uncoated low carbon and high yield strength steel flat products for cold forming



ISO 3574-86

Cold reduced carbon steel sheet of commercial and drawing qualities



ISO 5954-84

Cold-reduced carbon steel sheet to hardness requirements

JIS G 3133

Decarburized steel sheets and strip for porcelain enameling

ASTM A 424-91

Spec. for steel for porcelain enamelling



ISO 5001-80

Cold-reduced carbon steel sheet for vitreous enamelling



DIN 1623/3-87

Steel flat products; cold reduced sheets and strip: mild unalloyed steels for vitreous enamelling

JIS G 3302

Hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheets and coils

ASTM A361/
A361 M-85

Spec. for steel sheets, zinc-coated (galvanized) by the hot-dip process for roofing



ASTM A446/
A446 M-91

Spec. for steel sheet, zinc-coated by the hot-dip process, physical quality



ASTM A526/
A526 M-90

Spec. for steel sheet, zinc-coated (galvanized) by the hot-dip process, commercial quality



ASTM A527/
A527 M-90

Spec. for steel sheet, zinc-coated (galvanized) by the hot-dip process, lock-forming quality



ASTM A528/
A528 M-90

Spec. for steel sheet, zinc-coated (galvanized) by the hot-dip process, drawing quality



ASTM A642/
A642 M-90

Spec. for steel sheet, zinc-coated (galvanized) by the hot-dip process, drawing quality, special killed



BS EN 10142-91

Spec. for continuously hot-dip zinc coated low carbon steel sheet and strip for cold forming



BS EN 10143-93

Continuously hot-dip metal coated steel sheet and strip



BS EN 10147-92

Continuously hot-dip zinc coated structural steel sheet and strip



BS 3083-88

Hot-dip zinc coated and hot-dip aluminium /zinc coated corrugated steel sheets for general purposes



DIN EN 10142-91

Spec. for continuously hot-dip zinc coated low carbon steel sheet and strip for cold forming



DIN EN 10143-93

Continuously hot-dip metal coated steel sheet and strip



DIN EN 10147-92

Spec. for continuously hot-dip zinc-coated structural steel sheet and strip



DIN 59231-53

Corrugated sheet, tile sheet, galvanized



DIN 59232-78

Flat steel products, hot galvanized wide strip and sheet of mild unalloyed steels and general structural steels



NF EN 10142-92

Spec. for continuously hot-dip zinc coated low carbon steel sheet and strip for cold forming



NF EN 10147-92

Continuously hot-dip zinc coated structural steel sheet and strip



NF A36-322-78

Continuous hot-dip zinc-coated steel plates with required minimum yield stress intended for cold forming



ISO 3575-76

Continuous hot-dip zinc-coated carbon steel sheet of commercial, lock-forming and drawing qualities



ISO 4998-91

Continuous hot-dip zinc-coated carbon steel sheet of structural quality

JIS G 3317

Hot-dip zinc-5% aluminum alloy-coated steel sheets and coils

ASTM 875/
A875 M-88

Aluminum alloy metallic-coated by the hot-dip process

JIS G 3312

Prepainted hod-dip zinc-coated steel sheets and coils

ASTM A755/
A755 M-89

Spec. for steel sheet zinc-coated (galvanized) by the hot-dip process and coil-coated for roofing and siding, general requirements

JIS G 3318

Prepainted hot-dip zinc-5% aluminium alloy-coated steel sheets and coils

ASTM A755/
A755 M-89

Spec. for steel sheet, metallic coated by the hot-dip process and prepainted by the coil-coating process for exterior exposed building products.

JIS G 3313

Electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet

ASTM 591/
A591 M-89

Spec. for electrolytic zinc-coated cold-rolled steel sheet



NF A 36-160-79

Iron and steel - Electrolytic zinc-coated plates-coating prescription



ISO 5002-82

Hot rolled and cold-reduced electrolytic zinc-coated carbon steel sheet of commercial and drawing qualities

JIS G 3303

Tinplate and Black-plate

ASTM A624-90

Single-reduced electrolytic tinplate



ASTM A624 M-90

Spec. for tin plate, single-reduced electrolytic (metric)



ASTM A625-85

Single-reduced black plate



ASTM A625 M-85

Spec. for tin mill products, black plate, single-reduced (Metric)



ASTM A626-90

Spec. for tin mill products, electrolytic tin plate, double-reduced



ASTM A626 M-90

Spec for tin mill products, electrolytic tin plate, double-reduced (Metric)



ASTM A650/
A 650 M-88

Spec. for tin mill products, black plate, double-reduced



BS EN 10203-91

Spec. for cold reduced electrolytic tinplate



BS EN 10205-92

Cold reduced blackplate in coil form for the production of tinplate or electrolytic chronium/ chronium oxide coated steel



DIN EN 10203-91

Spec. for cold reduced electrolytic tinplate



DIN EN 10205-92

Spec. for cold reduced blackplate in coil form for the production of tinplate or electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel



NF EN 10203-91

Spec. for cold reduced electrolytic tinplate



NF EN 10205-92

Cold reduced blackplate in coil form for the production of tinplate or electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel



ISO 1111/1-83

Single cold-reduced tinplate and single cold- reduced blackplate - Part I: Sheet



ISO 1111/2-83

Single cold-reduced tinplate and single cold-reduced blackplate - Part II: Electrolytic tinplate coil and blackplate coil for subsequent cutting into sheet form



ISO 4977/1-84

Double cold-reduced electrolytic tinplate - Part I: Sheet



ISO 4977/2-88

Double cold-reduced electrolytic tinplate - Part 2: Coil for subsequent cutting into sheets



ISO 5950-91

Cryolite, natural and artificial, and aluminum fluodide for industrial use - Determination of phosphorus content - Reduced molybdophsphate photometric method

JIS G 3314

Hot-dip aluminum coated steel sheets

ASTM A463-88

Spec. for cold-rolled, aluminum type I and type II, steel sheet



BS 6830:87

Continuously hot-dip aluminum/zinc alloy coated cold rolled carbon steel flat products



ISO 5000-80

Continuously hot-dip aluminum-silicon-coated cold-reduced carbon steel sheet of commercial and drawing qualities

JIS G 3315

Chromium Plated Tin Free Steel

ASTM A657-87

Spec. for tin mill products, black plates, electrolytic Cr-coated, single and double reduced



BS EN 10202-90

Spec. for cold reduced electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel



DIN EN 10202-90

Spec. for cold reduced electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel



NF EN 10202-89

Spec. for cold reduced electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel


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